About Sexual Assault

no means no2Sexual assault is any forced, coerced, unwanted sexual contact.

Sexual assault can include, but is not limited to, the concepts of rape, sexual threats and intimidation, incest, sexual assault by intimate partners, child sexual abuse, human sexual trafficking, sexual harassment, street harassment and other forms of unwelcome, coerced or non-consensual activity. The terms sexual violence and sexual abuse are also often used to describe the wide range of activities that constitute sexual assault.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is something that can happen quite frequently in workplaces. Both women and men can find themselves as victims of harassment, including unwanted phone calls or texts, inappropriate touching and even as far as termination due to the rejection of advances. There are many different examples of this form of gender discrimination; sometimes it isn’t identified until a pattern is discovered, while in other cases it is obvious. One thing that is the same in all cases is that it is not acceptable, and you can fight for justice against this type of treatment. Firms like DhillonLaw.com can handle cases like these with consideration and attention to what you want to do to move past this trauma as a victim. Understanding that this is wrong and should not be acceptable is the first step in the right direction.

While there are specific legal definitions of rape and sexual assault in the California Penal Code (including but not limited so PC 261, 243.4, 220, 269, 285, 286, 288, 289, 311.3), sexual violence is best understood as a broader continuum of unwanted non-mutual sexual activities that range from subtle to extremely violent.


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